Paint Swatches - Where to Get Them

For kids who love to play make believe, unique and creatively decorated wall hangings are a great way to enhance their space. Children usually have their own favorite toys, doll houses, and other items they want to hang up on the walls. Since hangings are generally made with paper, fabric, or fabric paints, it can be difficult for the youngsters to decide on which design will look best on the walls. For them, it can be as much fun picking out a unique wallpaper or paint design to adorn the walls of their rooms. A fun project is to create a children's wall hangings using fabric paint or vinyls instead of paper.

Hanging Decorations on the Wall With a scallop hole punch, fabric, wire, lots of paint swatches, fabric mold, and a wooden frame to attach your creation to, you could create a personalized piece of art to hang on the wall of your child's bedroom, play room, or even their craft room. Your kid's bedroom, play room, or their favorite hobby room are all great places to display the decor. You don't have to limit your ideas to a child's bedroom. They can have the same decor hung up in any room that has a wall space. The great thing about using fabric or paint is that the possibilities are endless.

Take a Look at the Room Decor You already have in the room. If the wall is blank, try drawing on a wall sketch using some of the paint swatches for choosing a paint color you have. Or if the wall is painted, use the paint colors you love to accent the design. Make sure to take swatches that will match your interior design.

The Wall Itself There are a couple of things you need to think about when choosing paint swatches to accent a wall. One of those things is pattern. Do you want a single floral pattern? Or do you want a flower wall with multiples colors of green? The best way to determine the best pattern for the area you are hanging the swatch on is to look at the whole wall. See what pops out as you move from one color to another, then choose that color. Check this page for information:

Paint Color Pallette If you have several rooms that need a similar look, it is a good idea to purchase paint swatches and hang them on the walls in order to see how they will go together. Then you can put up a color scheme board and choose colors from that board to accent each room. It is also a great idea to buy multiple small Paint swatches and mix them up in the bathroom or other rooms you will be applying the paint to. This way you will know how much is enough and if a color is too dark or too light.

Paint Sample Colors Many people are afraid to try paint colors on their own walls because they are afraid of how they will react. When purchasing paint sample colors, it is a good idea to purchase a large bottle of paint so that you have a consistent paint color. Some people are brave and get out there and apply the first color that hits their hands, but others are more timid and would rather stay home and do some research online or in a nearby store. Either way it is important to learn how to mix colors and find the perfect shades for your project. You can purchase paint swatches online or at a nearby store.

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